About Us

As We Develop Low-Risk Opportunities for the Present, We Identify New Frontiers for the Future

Alta Mesa is a privately held company engaged in onshore oil and natural gas acquisition, exploitation, exploration and production whose focus is to maximize the profitability of our assets in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Our core properties are in plays where we identify a large inventory of drilling, development, and enhanced recovery and exploitation opportunities in known resources. Our assets are primarily in the Oklahoma STACK play and has decades of future development potential. We maximize the profitability of our assets by focusing on advanced engineering analytics, enhanced geological techniques including 3-D seismic analysis, and proven drilling, stimulation, completion, and production methods.


Our areas of focus are typically characterized by multiple hydrocarbon pay zones, and because we are re-developing fields and areas left behind by major oil and natural gas companies and other previous operators, our assets are typically served by existing infrastructure. As a result, our approach lowers geological, mechanical, and market-related risks. We focus on properties within our core operating area that we believe have significant development and exploration opportunities and where we can apply our technical experience and economies of scale to increase production and proved reserves while lowering lease operating and capital costs. Additionally, we have consistently created value through workovers and re-completions of existing wells, infill drilling, operations improvements, secondary recovery and 3-D seismic-driven drilling.   We periodically enter into, and actively manage hedging transactions for a portion of our oil and natural gas production. This allows us to reduce exposure to price fluctuations and achieve more predictable cash flows while retaining commodity upside through future production and reserve growth.